We didn’t earn our reputation as a safe, high quality builder all by ourselves. We’ve done it in large measure thanks to the reliability and quality of our Subcontractor partners. We believe our Values - Safety, Client Service, Integrity, A Passion for Building and Innovation - apply as much to our relationships with our Subcontractor partners as they do with our clients and our people.

Information requested will be kept confidential and will include:

  1. Completed Subcontractor Qualification Form
  2. Copy of a current Contractor's License
  3. Past three years OSHA 300A forms
  4. Past three years EMRWorksheets
  5. Copy of your Safety Program
  6. Recent Financial Statement
  7. Evidence of Insurance

Note: If you are submitting a Qualification Form in response to a specific Invitation to Bid, please note the Bid Project Name in the Subject Line of your email.

​Qualifying with Pankow

We are always interested in learning about new subcontractors and encourage you to submit your qualifications. We do require Subcontractors to qualify and to renew annually. To begin the qualification, please download the Subcontractor Qualification Form.

You may email your completed form with associated information to our corporate SubQual Administrator at

Pankow is currently seeking bids from qualified subcontractors.