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Senior Project Manager

What you'll be doing:

Primary Accountabilities

Proposal Management

  • Participate in the development of the Win Strategy and then execute the proposal plan as part of the Pursuit Workbook.
  • Ensure accurate estimates and schedule by seeking consult from the appropriate parties such as Preconstruction, Operations, and any other internal or external resources that are necessary.

Job Setup

  • Administer overall PRP process including execution of portions assigned by the Project Executive.
  • Procure subcontractors by preparing RFP’s and evaluating proposals to make final subcontractor selection and buyout to ensure timely execution of the “Work”.
  • Negotiate and prepare subcontractor scope of work documents to prevent scope gaps or overlap.
  • Ensure conformity of subcontracts to prime contract and Pankow standards.
  • Manage upload of cost estimate into CMiC with the input of appropriate resources, such as Preconstruction and Accounting.

Lead the Design Process

  • Ensure the proper development of Contract Documents allow for timely execution of the “Work”.
  • Procure and manage design consultants for design-build project.
  • Ensure design meets target budget and program criteria.

Cost Control

  • Ensure owner billings and subcontractor payments are processed in accordance with the contract.
  • Manage the internal and external change management process.
    • Ensure effective communication with all appropriate parties .
    • Negotiate with Clients and Subcontractors on change orders as necessary.
  • Ensure the PMCR is completed timely and accurately on monthly basis.

Client Management

  • Build a relationship and develop trust with the Owner by:
    • Serving as the primary contact throughout the project.
    • Maintaining commitments made to the Owner.
    • Communicating on a regular basis as well as reaching out as necessary with more pressing issues.
    • Learning about client’s true drivers by utilizing TBTB dialogue
  • Seeks new sales opportunities with existing clients by:
    • Being the client advocate. Investing in the client’s perspective to provide exceptional solutions that reflect an understanding of the client’s drivers and priorities.
    • Think of the client’s success first and balance that with what is fair and equitable for Pankow.
    • Periodic check-in on new opportunities beyond current project.

People Management

  • Set expectations and provide guidance to direct reports and team members.
  • Conduct regular check-ins to provide feedback or course correct.

The Senior Project Manager shall also perform the following duties in the absence of a Sr. Superintendent:

Schedule Adherence

  • Hold regular meetings/dialogue with the Superintendent in order to receive updates and communicate the status to the appropriate parties (Project Executive, Operations, Owner, etc.)

About YOU:


  • Bachelor’s degree in construction related field preferred
  • Professional designations desirable

Work Experience

  • A minimum of 12-15 years of jobsite and/or project management experience is typical